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2019-05-02 18:14atom feed: use text for titleHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2019-04-06 20:16twitch: revert transport settings, hide User-AgentHiltjo Posthuma1+4-8
2019-04-06 20:14fix DNS issue, golang uses its own internal DNS resolverHiltjo Posthuma1+2-1
2019-04-06 18:39vods layout: autofocus search field, use f as format parameterHiltjo Posthuma2+6-5
2019-04-06 18:38tweak HTTP transport defaultsHiltjo Posthuma1+8-1
2019-04-06 18:05twitch: code-style: define structure at the topHiltjo Posthuma1+21-21
2019-04-06 18:04vods: layout tweakHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2019-04-06 17:52add support to list VODS by loginname using Twitch Helix APIHiltjo Posthuma7+194-3
2019-04-06 16:21remove pledge.goHiltjo Posthuma1+0-8
2019-02-04 19:15increase connect timeoutHiltjo Posthuma2+3-3
2019-02-04 19:11remove pledgeHiltjo Posthuma3+0-76
2018-04-01 22:44stylesheet: slightly improve padding, fix permissionsHiltjo Posthuma9+2-5
2017-11-10 00:00layout improvementsHiltjo Posthuma5+21-22
2017-10-29 18:12improve style + clearfixHiltjo Posthuma2+16-12
2017-09-08 20:33compatibility for pledge: stub for other platformsHiltjo Posthuma1+8-0
2017-09-08 10:33fix pledge for chmod UNIX domain socketHiltjo Posthuma1+21-14
2017-09-08 10:33template: autofocus fieldHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2017-08-06 11:17use https links, remove livestreamer and quvi linkHiltjo Posthuma3+6-8
2016-11-06 18:43treat status != 200 as errorHiltjo Posthuma2+5-1
2016-09-20 Client-ID is not required after a token is requestedHiltjo Posthuma1+0-1
2016-09-20 19:54add Twitch Client-ID supportHiltjo Posthuma6+101-91
2016-06-12 18:05update README for rc example fileHiltjo Posthuma1+1-17
2016-06-12 17:59add twitch rc fileHiltjo Posthuma1+65-0
2016-06-12 17:41whoops add asm.s for go < 1.6Hiltjo Posthuma1+8-0
2016-06-12 17:40improve pledgeHiltjo Posthuma2+17-2
2016-06-12 14:44add Makefile for convenienceHiltjo Posthuma1+5-0
2016-06-12 14:23pledge twitch-go (WIP)Hiltjo Posthuma2+45-0
2016-06-12 14:22remove PID file hackHiltjo Posthuma1+0-37
2015-10-23 19:26README: change /etc/rc.d/twitchHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-07-26 10:18update READMEHiltjo Posthuma1+5-2
2015-07-26 10:18twitch: dont panic(err), use logHiltjo Posthuma1+7-6
2015-07-26 10:10update README: add nginx exampleHiltjo Posthuma1+18-0
2015-07-25 12:28twitch: error checking for http.NewRequestHiltjo Posthuma1+3-0
2015-07-25 12:27add LICENSE (ISC)Hiltjo Posthuma1+13-0
2015-07-25 12:27add READMEHiltjo Posthuma1+38-0
2015-07-25 12:08twitch: 10 second timeout and close body on redirect error tooHiltjo Posthuma1+9-2
2015-07-25 12:07loadtemplates: stop if there is any error searching for template filesHiltjo Posthuma1+3-0
2015-05-18 20:03layout: add input bar in menuHiltjo Posthuma1+4-0
2015-05-18 20:02chdir if non-emptyHiltjo Posthuma1+5-3
2015-05-17 13:14remove appconfig, add -m to set UDS chmod for convenienceHiltjo Posthuma1+34-32
2015-05-17 13:00improvements/convenience for daemon modeHiltjo Posthuma1+22-12
2015-05-17 09:06handle bad requestsHiltjo Posthuma2+22-5
2015-05-10 08:26cleanupHiltjo Posthuma15+406-443
2015-04-11 18:54main: write status code firstHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2015-04-11 18:53main: remove GetPlaylist() its not used like thisHiltjo Posthuma1+0-14
2015-04-11 18:52main: remove more unused code and simplifyHiltjo Posthuma1+7-19
2015-04-11 18:46main: remove unused codeHiltjo Posthuma1+1-5
2015-04-11 18:14main.go: go fmtHiltjo Posthuma1+15-15
2015-04-11 18:11usage: fix typoHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-04-11 18:01initial repo, webapp, project to learn GoHiltjo Posthuma9+790-0