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2023-03-14 17:30Makefile: remove duplicate CPPFLAGS for sfeed_cursesHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2023-03-07 20:04sfeed_curses: fix (very hard to trigger) memleak when getline() returns EOF for lazyloaded itemsHiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2023-02-25 13:40bump version to 1.7Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2023-02-17 14:39sfeed_update, sfeed_opml_export, README: reference the example sfeedrc man pageHiltjo Posthuma3+4-4
2023-02-16 19:33sfeed_curses: add SUN keys supportHiltjo Posthuma1+7-0
2023-02-16 19:32sfeed_curses: add SCO keys for next, prior (CSI I and CSI G)Hiltjo Posthuma1+3-0
2023-02-16 19:29README: small rewording in how to add new parsed tags and fieldsHiltjo Posthuma1+3-1
2023-02-04 11:34README: describe how to add new parsed tags and fields to sfeed.cHiltjo Posthuma1+90-0
2023-02-03 15:15fix comment for ASCII symbols for dumb terminalsHiltjo Posthuma2+5-5
2023-02-03 15:12sfeed_gopher: remove PATH_MAX and restricting the path lengthHiltjo Posthuma1+5-10
2023-01-18 18:53sfeedrc.5: improve documentation a bitHiltjo Posthuma1+13-10
2023-01-07 11:08sfeed.1: reference sfeed_opml_importHiltjo Posthuma1+2-1
2023-01-07 10:05sfeed.5: remove a caveat in the file format man pageHiltjo Posthuma1+1-4
2022-12-28 10:18README: small rewording "can be supported" -> "are supported"Hiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2022-12-20 21:23LICENSE: bump yearHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-12-20 21:22sfeed_curses.1: small rewording and tweaks in the exampleHiltjo Posthuma1+9-7
2022-12-15 18:15sfeed_update.1: "return status" -> "exit status"Hiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2022-08-26 19:55improve comment: uppercase cdata -> CDATAHiltjo Posthuma2+2-2
2022-08-17 14:47bump version to 1.6Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-08-16 23:34sfeed_curses: fix a memleak caused by a mistake in refactoring the codeHiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2022-07-20 18:37slightly improve some commentsHiltjo Posthuma5+7-7
2022-07-17 10:46sfeed_curses: cleanup code for handling read items from an URL fileHiltjo Posthuma1+45-37
2022-07-05 15:11remove __dead codeNRK1+0-5
2022-07-05 13:57sfeed_curses: write out plumbercmd argument in a verbose mannerHiltjo Posthuma1+3-1
2022-06-20 23:09fix some typisNRK3+4-4
2022-06-20 11:25sfeed: reword a poorly-worded commentHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-06-20 11:18sfeed: fix a wrong commentHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-06-18 20:52README: add setsid exampleHiltjo Posthuma1+15-0
2022-06-06 09:00themes: simplify empty macros, remove do { } while(0)Hiltjo Posthuma3+12-12
2022-06-05 21:38sfeed_curses: processexit(): remove unneeded code for non-interactive processesHiltjo Posthuma1+4-4
2022-05-31 09:33README: fix bug in an example for counting the new items of the last dayHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-05-31 09:30minicurses.h: remove unneeded includeHiltjo Posthuma1+0-2
2022-05-21 09:34bump version to 1.5Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-05-19 19:32README: make sure sfeed_update errors don't write to stderrHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-05-14 10:28README: add progress indicator scriptHiltjo Posthuma1+47-0
2022-05-14 10:27manual pages: reword a few things a bit more clearlyHiltjo Posthuma3+9-9
2022-05-07 18:33sfeed_curses: improve commentHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-05-07 18:18sfeed_curses: interrupt waitpid while interactive child program is runningHiltjo Posthuma1+6-0
2022-05-05 04:28sfeed_curses: close stdin for spawning a plumb program in non-interactive modeHiltjo Posthuma2+9-7
2022-05-04 16:28sfeed_curses.1: more details about signals and (non-)interactive programsHiltjo Posthuma1+32-20
2022-05-02 18:09manual pages: properly escape some more backslashesHiltjo Posthuma4+7-7
2022-05-02 12:46manual pages: properly escape backslashesAnders Damsgaard3+5-5
2022-04-10 16:28sfeed_curses.1: fix typo: automaticly -> automaticallyHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-04-02 15:35bump version to 1.4Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-04-02 11:54sfeed_curses: code-style: mouse mode: just use a constantHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2022-04-01 22:33sfeed_curses: line editor: handle SIGCHLD directlyHiltjo Posthuma1+8-1
2022-04-01 22:32sfeed_curses: line editor, temporarily disable the mouse when using the line editorHiltjo Posthuma1+6-1
2022-04-01 19:24sfeed_curses: don't use bitmasks to keep the states for signalsHiltjo Posthuma1+26-19
2022-03-31 22:57sfeed_curses: small code-style changeHiltjo Posthuma1+5-5
2022-03-31 22:57README: reflect example with the descriptionHiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2022-03-31 22:15sfeed_curses: improve multiple signal handlingHiltjo Posthuma1+25-39
2022-03-31 20:54sfeed_curses: improve waiting on processes and reaping themHiltjo Posthuma1+17-14
2022-03-31 20:43sfeed.c: rm ctype.h its not neededHiltjo Posthuma1+0-1
2022-03-29 09:25sfeed.1: add an example to convert to UTF-8 using iconvHiltjo Posthuma1+10-1
2022-03-29 09:03compatibility: reduce the assumption the builtin libc locale is ASCII-compatibleHiltjo Posthuma7+48-46
2022-03-28 16:36compatibility: replace iscntrl with own ISCNTRL macroHiltjo Posthuma4+7-4
2022-03-28 16:01sfeed_curses: fix-up from previous commit: properly initialize struct sigactionHiltjo Posthuma1+4-3
2022-03-28 13:54sfeed_curses: ignore SIGCHLD only for non-interactive programsHiltjo Posthuma1+5-4
2022-03-28 11:07sfeed_update: change return to exit in mainHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-03-28 10:55update documentation of sfeed_update example and clarify return statusHiltjo Posthuma2+4-2
2022-03-27 12:57sfeed_curses: remove unneeded ctype.h includeHiltjo Posthuma1+0-1
2022-03-27 12:57Revert "rm sys/types.h include and improve portability"Hiltjo Posthuma7+13-0
2022-03-27 10:50sfeed_curses: tiny rewording in commentHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-03-27 10:40sfeed_curses: processexit: do not set and reset SIGINT for non-interactive plumbingHiltjo Posthuma1+7-9
2022-03-27 10:32sfeed_curses: avoid non-interactive plumb process becoming a zombieHiltjo Posthuma1+3-0
2022-03-25 22:18rm sys/types.h include and improve portabilityHiltjo Posthuma7+0-13
2022-03-25 14:43change echo to printf and for sfeed_opml_export use a control-character separatorHiltjo Posthuma4+12-8
2022-03-23 18:38shellscripts: use [ for test consistentlyHiltjo Posthuma2+3-3
2022-03-22 16:29README: sfeed_download: remove a lineHiltjo Posthuma1+1-2
2022-03-22 09:58README: improve error handling in downloader exampleHiltjo Posthuma1+6-4
2022-03-22 08:45sfeed_update: return status in _feed() functionHiltjo Posthuma1+9-8
2022-03-21 22:03README: update sfeed_update_xargs exampleHiltjo Posthuma1+6-0
2022-03-21 21:28sfeed: make some tables const and read-onlyHiltjo Posthuma1+11-11
2022-03-21 10:47sfeed_update: set exit status non-zero if any of the feeds failedHiltjo Posthuma2+9-3
2022-03-21 10:01util.h: slightly improve portabilityHiltjo Posthuma2+2-3
2022-03-21 09:58sfeed_update.1: document logging and improve documentation of exit statusHiltjo Posthuma1+8-1
2022-03-21 09:37sfeed_update: log FAILs to stderrTommy Nguyen1+12-7
2022-03-20 12:19check write errors on the output stream after each feedHiltjo Posthuma5+5-0
2022-03-19 10:45rebuild sfeed_curses if the same theme changesNRK1+1-1
2022-03-16 17:57sfeed_curses: refactor DEC function key parsingHiltjo Posthuma1+19-17
2022-03-15 15:39style.css: add dark mode support for example fileHiltjo Posthuma1+9-0
2022-03-14 18:22stricter error checking in file streams (input, output)Hiltjo Posthuma13+73-24
2022-03-14 13:07sfeed_curses: use ttywrite() for writing to the tty consistentlyHiltjo Posthuma1+4-4
2022-03-14 12:25improve time(NULL) error checkingHiltjo Posthuma7+14-13
2022-03-07 11:13bump version to 1.3Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-03-07 11:11README: update codemadness.org URLs and use the full content feed by defaultHiltjo Posthuma3+5-5
2022-03-05 10:20README: add a note about mouse button encoding issues in some terminalsHiltjo Posthuma1+3-0
2022-02-26 11:37README: small rewordingHiltjo Posthuma1+3-4
2022-02-26 11:29README: example scripts to count new and unread itemsHiltjo Posthuma1+52-0
2022-02-24 23:27sfeed_curses: cast character for SFEED_AUTOCMD to unsigned charHiltjo Posthuma1+4-2
2022-02-24 18:25sfeed_curses: remove continue in application key handlingHiltjo Posthuma1+0-1
2022-02-23 23:50sfeed_curses: fix a redraw when reloading a file when reading from stdinHiltjo Posthuma1+1-2
2022-02-23 23:49sfeed_curses.1: clarify the 'R' keybind or SIGHUP will reload the url file alsoHiltjo Posthuma1+7-1
2022-02-23 23:42sfeed_mbox: use putc, it may be implemented as a macroHiltjo Posthuma1+6-6
2022-02-23 23:39sfeed_curses: die(): use stdio buffered function/macroHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-02-23 23:37sfeed_curses: fix a wrong comment about the arrow left and right keysHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2022-02-23 23:24sfeed_curses: add keybinds for home key and home and end key in urxvtHiltjo Posthuma1+14-12
2022-02-19 12:57fix a compiler warning with (Net)BSD cursesHiltjo Posthuma2+19-18
2022-02-19 12:54sfeed_opml_export: improve commentHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-02-06 12:51bump version to 1.2Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
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