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2021-04-22 18:20xml.h: add underscore for #ifdef guardHiltjo Posthuma2+3-3
2021-04-22 18:19do not convert UTF-16 surrogate pairs to an invalid sequenceHiltjo Posthuma1+3-2
2021-04-22 18:18bump LICENSE yearHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2020-06-05 19:53revert commit fix bug in ignoring character in <script> / <style>Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2020-05-30 11:44cleanup header includesHiltjo Posthuma3+2-5
2020-05-30 11:39add subset of named entities (sync from webdump)Hiltjo Posthuma1+44-0
2020-05-30 11:36sync xml.{c,h}Hiltjo Posthuma2+55-63
2020-05-30 11:33Makefile: respect ${CC}Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2019-09-22 17:50remove unneeded code, handle &nbsp;Hiltjo Posthuma2+18-137
2019-09-22 17:49fix bug in ignoring character in <script> / <style>Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2018-12-18 17:11rename getchar_ignore to getnext_ignoreHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2018-12-12 18:04check the returned length of xml_entitytostr() properlyHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2018-12-11 20:28main: no command-line arguments, add comment about the webHiltjo Posthuma1+3-2
2018-12-10 18:06add README and LICENSEHiltjo Posthuma2+16-0
2018-12-10 18:05enable pledge on OpenBSD nowHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2018-12-10 18:03Makefile: respect system CFLAGS, LDFLAGSHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2018-12-10 18:03XML tag parse improvements for PI and end tagsHiltjo Posthuma1+29-23
2018-12-10 18:01ignore incorrect unescaped HTML in <style> or <script> in a better wayHiltjo Posthuma1+44-27
2018-12-09 10:33replace control characters (including newline and tab), simplify dataentity handlerHiltjo Posthuma1+12-3
2018-11-13 17:06ignore <title> tags in <style> or <script>Hiltjo Posthuma1+8-2
2018-08-26 13:27xml: sync many XML parser improvementsHiltjo Posthuma3+95-78
2018-03-31 14:35support infinite length titles, no bufferingHiltjo Posthuma1+8-17
2018-03-31 14:32rename title to grabtitleHiltjo Posthuma4+4-4
2018-03-31 14:31rename to example, use required argumentHiltjo Posthuma2+15-10
2018-03-31 11:43use string length from xml_entitytostr, save a few linesHiltjo Posthuma1+4-5
2018-03-31 11:34hide error outputHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2018-03-31 11:01fix: don't use entity data for all tagsHiltjo Posthuma1+3-0
2018-03-31 10:59initial insertionHiltjo Posthuma6+594-0